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HMS Drama Club to perform Ten-Minute Play Festival on Feb. 24-25

HMS Drama Club to perform Ten-Minute Play Festival on Feb. 24-25
Zachary D'Amico

The Hampton Middle School Drama Club is performing a Ten-Minute Play Festival on Feb. 24 and 25.

Shows begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday and Friday in the HMS auditorium. There will be 30 students performing nine plays. The HMS Jazz Band will perform between several of the plays.

Tickets are sold at the door. The cost is $8 for adults and $7 for students.


“Crunch Time” by Ben Kingsland

  • Aidan Casey as Gregori
  • Lola Pikalo as Anastasia “Stacy” Smucker
  • Levi White as Hurl
  • Dan Morgan as Jerome Monroe Smucker

“Mixed up Macbeth” by Wade Bradford

  • Evy Dillion as Hagatha
  • Gianna Eager as Izzy
  • Rosha Kazemi as Gwenda
  • Kaitlin Howe (Thursday) as Macbeth
  • Sophi Shelkey (Friday) as Macbeth  

“Art Imitates Life” by Mike McCaffetry

  • Lucas Pfeifer as Art
  • Isaiah Ware as Dad
  • Parvina Shraripova as Mom
  • Rose Shumaker as Professor Stevens

“Hole in the Wall” by Marek Muller

  • Sara Miller as Tom
  • Meredith Wallace as Stu
  • Hayden Lantzy as Dr. Killzoid
  • Andrew Wallace as Officer

“Taste Buds” by Greg Shumaker

  • Lily Haberman as Salty
  • Chloe Ramirez as Sour
  • Bitter as Jasmine White
  • Jasmine White as Bitter
  • Haylie Manuel as Sweet
  • Maddie Rossi as Savory
  • Carys Brownlee as Smell


“My Imaginary Best Friend Cheated with my Real Best Friend” by Steven Slack

  • Sadie Champion as Gina
  • Maria Gerhardy as Chris
  • Jessica Fasching as Savine
  • Lucas Pfeifer as Bill

“The Next Next Generation” by Caitlin Edwards

  • Dan Morgan as Jim
  • Logan Brady as Larry
  • Sammy Sheleky as Jessica 

“You’re Cosplaying My Song” by Jeffrey Harr

  • Sophie Shelkey as Girl
  • Andrew Wallace as boy

“Cracking Wise with Billy Wise” by Emmett Loverde

  • Levi White as Billy Wise
  • Kaitlin Howe as The Interviewee
  • Lucas Pfeifer (Thursday) & Aidan Casey (Friday) as Stagehand 1
  • Evy Dillion (Thursday) & Sara Miller (Friday) as Stagehand 2