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Students, teachers begin utilizing brand-new HHS Library Media Center

Students, teachers begin utilizing brand-new HHS Library Media Center
Zachary D'Amico

Hampton High School’s highly anticipated Library Media Center addition is now officially open for students to work collaboratively and to continue to engage in world-class learning. This addition was redesigned to support the evolving academic needs of Hampton High School’s high-quality educational programs, and contains several exciting spaces for students: 

  • Library Media Center — This center contains four huddle rooms that allow students to work collaboratively on projects. It will also have a technology hub that allows students to receive technology support during the school day. The library space will include various forms of seating for students, including high-top tables, standard tables, and soft seating.

  • Conceptual Thinking Lab — This adjacent space includes a multitude of whiteboards and flexible furniture to accommodate classes working on creative problem solving.

  • Café Area — The Busy Bean has been relocated from its former location in the cafeteria to the newly designed Café. The Busy Bean is a student-run business endeavor supported by the HHS Special Education department. It affords students an opportunity to practice, develop and refine vocational skills in an actual business.

  • Flex Studio — This studio allows students in the high school’s video production classes to use state-of-the-art lighting to film projects. Additionally, this space will be open for other classes so that students can create multimedia projects.

  • Additional Classrooms — The new addition will have two new classrooms, one for the English department and one for the Special Education department. The English classroom is attached to a large yearbook room that is enclosed in glass so that students can see the yearbook staff create the yearbook using digital photography.